Dr.D Clinic Launch

October 27, 2015 · New launching


The launching of Dr. D Clinic was a successful one.

It was a dream for Dr. Dinesh, the man behind Dr. D Clinic and he would like to thanked everyone that was involve in making Dr. D Clinic a reality.

This dream has been a long journey with so many hopes and aspiration for achieving the true philosophy of Dr. D Clinic that is successful aging both externally and internally. We would like to congratulate Dr. Dinesh for his achievement. Bravo!


From the right, Sharifah Juliana, Sharifah Sofia, Dr. Dinesh and Shasha Saidin.

Here is the Dr. D himself with the invited celebrity guest that day. Dr. D philosophy is to age gracefully both internally and externally.

The Belotero range consists of advanced dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid which offer an excellent skin integration.

The Belotero products are ideal for smoothing and filling wrinkles as well as for lip augmentation, skin rehydration and for restoring facial volume. In addition, nearly the complete Belotero range of fillers is also available with lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment experience.

Products from AQ Skin Solution are targeted for growth factors.

 It is mainly for skin care, wound healing and hair loss. It can also combat hair and eyelash thinning as well.

This are the main product supplements recommend in Dr. D Clinic.

Somaplus is for anti aging and Phytoberries is for antioxidant. The true goal is to achieve beauty from inside out.

The Belotero products.

buntings for the fantastic products.

Here are the buntings for the fantastic products used and recommend for clients here at Dr. D Clinic. All of them are from overseas and recommend by skin specialist.

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