Farah Salleh Fashion Designer

October 27, 2015 · Style


Gaining her experience working alongside with one of Malaysia’s notable independent designer, Farah Salleh launched her eponymous label, bringing cool, comfortable and up-to-date culture into the glamorous idea of fashion.

Farah Salleh was born in in Selangor and she developed a very strong passion for all things glamorous. A graduate of Raffles College,Farah describes her label’s look as ready-to-wear apparel for trendy women-on-the-go with a keen eye for fashion. She creates graceful and sophisticated, yet easy-to-wear garments. She focuses on clean, simple lines and elegant silhouettes resulting in a look that is timeless. Her unerring commitment to meticulous attention to detail in this collection is perfect for all women who want to look effortlessly chic and it is a perfect collection for every fashion lover’s closet.

Shasha is looking classy and elegant in this all white apparel. She looks like a million bucks.


Juliana and Shasha looking at Farah’s beautiful collection. Farah’s labels caters to suit every classy lady with any type of body shape.

When Farah was younger, she likes to play dress up with Barbie dolls. Now at 25, she dresses up the local beauties. Its a dream came true. This designer was a natural born talent.