• Hair and Makeup Services 
  • Hair and Makeup Tutorials
  • Skincare Services and maintenance tips
  • Grooming Tips
  • Beauty Day, where we will accompany you to give you advise on what you need top to toe


  • Exercise program
  • Healthy eating and lifestyle plan
  • Walking ,sitting standing
  • Posture and body language
  • Writing skills for thank you letters


  • Wedding Social graces and conversation tips
  • Guest, hostess etiquette and social finesse
  • Wedding and dining etiquette for your culture

SJ Style Image Consulting Services One on One Packages

Option 1:Start Up Package (4 Hour Minimum)
  • Colour analysis and application
  • Body and line analysis
  • Style personality survey
Option 2:Intermediate Package (8 Hours)
  • Colour analysis and application
  • Body and line analysis
  • Style personality survey


Additional Services Included:


  • Wardrobe inventory and purge
  • wardrobe clothing organisation
  • matching accessories to capsules
Option 3:Full Service Package (24 hours over a 10-12 month period)
  • Colour analysis and application
  • Body and line analysis
  • Style personality survey
  • wardrobe inventory
  • wardrobe and clothing organisation
  • matching accessories and jewellery to outfits


Additional Services Included:


  • 2 shopping sessions
  • Integrating the new clothing into the new capsules
  • Photo profile of the outfits and accessories, photo profile of new outfits, mix and match outfits and capsules


Additional Services charged at an hourly rate:


  • Visit to the hairstylist
  • Seasonal and Evening makeup tutorials
  • Selecting outfits for events in client’s wardrobe
  • Shopping for specific events
  • Underwear and shape wear consultation
  • Email and phone Q+A


Professional Image and Branding Services One on One

Interview Preparation For College and MBA Students
  • Colour, style and body analysis
  • Shopping
  • Interview Communication skills
  • Practicing promotional statement
  • Body language for the interview: handshakes, walk, stance and introductions
  • Dining and interview etiquette

Group Workshops

Option 1:Personal Branding and Professional Presence (45-60 mins)

Topics Covered:


  • Visual Impact
  • Brand Values
  • Goal Fulfilment
  • Image Management
  • Self Management
Option 2:Credibility, Confidence and Charisma (90-110 Mins)

 Topics Covered:


  • Visual Impact
  • Brand Values
  • Goal Fulfilment
  • Image Management
  • Self Management


Additional Topics Covered:


  • Definition of Professional Presence and Personal Branding
  • Core Elements of Personal Brand
  • Grooming
  • Style
  • Coordination of Clothing
  • Appropriateness
  • Non Verbal Power
  • Creating Rapport
  • Personal Space ans Proximity
  • Body Language
  • Verbal and Vocal Confidence


100% Customised Skin Health Analysis

Each client starts off with our Detailed Skin Analysis identifying the condition and problems affecting the skin. Once the problem has been identified, solutions will be recommended.


Juliana and her team offer professional treatments that are tailor-made to suit individual needs as shown in your Skin Health Analysis. Juliana or her team will then pick-and select a treatment course that is comprise of our fully imported from Korea Amaros Brand of products, technology and equipment. 

We specialize in the below treatments

  • Anti-acne-treatments (early acne, progressed acne)
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Anti-pigmentation treatments
  • Body re-sculpting treatments
  • Skin rejuvenating treatments

Amaros treatments are being conducted in stress-free and absolutely comfortable environment. Amaros treatments combine essential elements to relax rejuvenate and pamper. Just enjoy yourself while we work on your problem.


VIP Bridal Package Includes: For Prices Please Contact Juliana at

  • Bride Mother of the Bride and Groom + Up to 6 Bridesmaids 
  • Groom/Groomsmen
  • Travel Expenses (please inquire if applicable)
  • Includes Makeup Trial (deducted from the total after deposit received)


A La Carte Prices:

  • Bride Makeup - $400 (USD) 650(MYR)
  • Bride Trial - $250 (USD) 350 (MYR)
  • Bridal attendants - $175 (USD) 250 (MYR) (discounts with 4 or more)
  • Groom/Groomsmen - $90 (USD) 150 (MYR) extra per person
  • Travel Expenses (please inquire if applicable)



Juliana and her team of lash artists bring you beautiful semi-permanent synthetic lashes or 100% cruelty free real mink fur lashes that are attached one by one to your own natural lashes giving you longer, darker and more abundant lashes that can last indefinitely with regular touch-ups depending on how the person cares for them as well as their own natural lash cycle. Extensions are perfect for everyday wear and especially for special occasions. With proper care and touch-up visits, they can last a very long time.

Normally a person’s natural eyelash falls out every 45 – 90 days and a new lash grows in immediately. Therefore, it is necessary to get touch-ups to fill in the spaces. Refills should be done every 2-3 weeks, however, this will vary from person to person. Your natural lash cycle and how well you take care of your lashes will affect the bonding length of the eyelash extensions.

Juliana has been featured in C Magazine, Angeleno, Groomed-LA, InStyle, Her World, amongst many others. She was voted “Best of LA” for Los Angeles Magazine and is now here in Malaysia to lend her Hollywood touch.  She is the No1 choice for lash extensions, makeup and beauty not only with Celebrities and Royalties from around the world, but also a favourite among our locals.

Sharifah Juliana Beauty and Lash Extension Expert

  • Full set lash extensions volume 350 (90 min/2 hours)
  • Natural/Light Set Lash Extensions 250 (60/90 mins)
  • Touch ups(every 3-4 weeks) 200 volume 150 Natural (45/60 mins)
  • Lash Extension Removal 75 (30 mins)
  • Makeup application with natural look false lashes 150 (Housecalls add 150)

All prices quoted are in Ringgit Malaysia and non cash appointments booked must be prepaid banked in 24 hours prior to appointment. Juliana has a strict 24 hour cancelation policy, 50% of the service fees will be paid for any no show appointments unless rescheduled.